Saturday, August 12, 2006


Begin guiding yourself by caring about how you feel. Direct yourself into your own flow or stream of “life source energy.” Your clarity, joy, flexibility, and creativity are all found by being balanced and stopping fear playing out its energy stealing consequences.

Your true direction wants to come into your life. You cannot get to a place of happiness by feeling bad, so you must tap into the joyful stream of life energy and take up its richness.

Life will change when you let go of control and old belief systems, while knowing and honoring your own soul’s feelings.

What would the Soul say if you started to really listen to its intelligence? It has been said, “The truth will set you free.” To open up to our many truths will present choices. The strongest feelings are of a calling, a love and belief in self, that allows travel on a road of our own soul’s desire.

When you learn to manage the vibrational relationship between where you are and where you want to be, life can become sweet…

Many good things are on the vibrational strings of prayers waiting to be answered. Relax and envision yourself being assisted by guides and angels. Your effortless approach makes this energy flow.

Do you believe in miracles? A miracle is anything we want it to be. We can choose to feel our desire to co-create, while breathing in the God Force throughout every visualization and introspection of our dreams, wishes and desires.

When you focus upon something, you activate the vibrational fields and trigger “The Law of Attraction.” When a new belief presents itself to one who is aware of the relativity between their current active thought and a desire, belief is transformed to a knowing.

Knowing is the act of trusting the Divine Intelligence within--grasping the response of insight and perception existing within the feeling body.

When you get in sync with the power of you, you will relax, trust, and acknowledge that there is nothing that you cannot do or have.

Hold the attention on what you want; this activation will strengthen your auric field.

The key is holding the attention on what you want and letting go, while recognizing you have sent your desire on to a higher power.

Guiding yourself into your stream of source energy is your acknowledgement of a desire to experience miracles.

Believe in the impossible being possible---this is a sacred component in the generation of life force energies.

The 12 Levels of Human Evolutionary Development

· Identity (Our true quality and character, a unique and personal soul vibration.)

· Desire-Attraction (The spiritual equivalent of gravity. A powerful electromagnetic vibratory output of your emotional being which draws you together with that which you imagine.)

· Decision-Personal Power (The choice to be in control of your own journey, to create your own road map and opt out of the past, into the present and future.)

· Discrimination-Balance (A specific potentiality amongst the infinite possibilities in the field of pure potentiality, the great allowingness.)

· Discernment-Truth (That which is best and true for you.)

· Determination-Vibrational Focus (When your actions mirror your beliefs and desires.)

· Discipline-Insight (The constant expression of your will and personal power to become all you want to be.)

· Dedication-Purpose (The ability to totally commit to your journey and to your destination. A persistence to do whatever is necessary until something is complete and manifested.)

· Devotion-Co-creation (The willingness to move past commitment into compassion, empathy and unity.)

· Detachment-Allowingness (The ability to let go of the result, the destination, in order to live in the present moment--to be here, now.)

· Innocence-Divine Wisdom (A state of Knowingness.)

· Divinity (The spiritual journey is the experience and expression of the Soul trying to find its way back home to a transcendent conscious awareness of who it is, where it is, and why it is.)

Twelve Elements of Success

· Spend daily time in reflection, meditation, stillness and silence. Ground yourself in self- awareness.

· Gain control of your body, mind, emotional and spiritual being.

· Learn to love yourself.

· Think for yourself. Utilize your creative imagination.

· Set your goals. Create your own road map and write it down.

· Do what needs to be done for more self discipline.

· Be of service to others and think win/win.

· Educate yourself, and then use what you know for its highest good.

· Be a visionary.

· Use your time wisely.

· Speak your truth through a demonstration of what love would do, while at the same time not being the sacrifice.

· Live in the present moment.

Something to think about: Asking God for Blessings is a vibratory template, an act of self-compassion that allows you to move forward choosing an action from your own sacred nature, from your own new empowerment.

Thanks for listening,

Badeish Lange