Thursday, July 18, 2013

Being Strong in Your Boundaries   

Understand that boundaries are a vital and crucial part of self-care. Exercise your ability to say no to others. Carve out time and space to nourish yourself, to go within and connect to your God Source for guidance, healing, information and inspiration.

All around the effects of the dismantling of an old paradigm are being felt and it can be quite easy to get caught up in the fear matrix. The habits of complaining and feeding negative experiences with our personal energy will feed negativity and fear charges into our bodies and, the mind-stream of culture.

The mental body is being called into alignment with its higher-self. Our thought forms that re-enforce low self esteem, lack consciousness, affirmation of failure, worry or any other negative energy will begin to manifest.

Now more than ever it is time to trust your spiritual identity and sacred heart because it will always provide you with positive steps in the direction of your destiny.

Some of these steps may very well include disengaging from relationships or situations that are dragging you back, bringing you down or triggering old thought forms that no longer serve.

Set boundaries and be clear on what you want. Remember to speak your truth, hold your boundaries and honor yourself.  You need not take a defensive posture or create a wall and instead…. open your heart space for more self-love.  Setting clear boundaries can also be considered creating sacred space; a sacred space from within where you are able to receive.

Carve out time and space for your self to be alone.  Use this opportunity to be open to receive deeper levels of healing, intuition, activations, attunements, inspiration and rewiring. You are opening the door wide open for Spirit to come in and repair, replenish, rejuvenate, resource you towards the next phase of your personal growth and spiritual initiations.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why Would You Want to Talk to a Psychic Medium? 

 (1 Minute)

Most people start out seeing a Psychic/Medium for the pure adventure of having the experience. If the Medium is grounded in their talents, a person may have a life changing event or discover that many questions about themselves and others close to them get clarified.

Possible experiences: Contact from your Guardian Angels, hearing from a loved one that has passed on or learning about gifts and past lives can open the door to spiritual growth; an experience of emotional or physical healings are possible; body scans for health reasons. The deeper meanings to all the questions running around in your head can be addressed. Many times when a loved one passes on we don’t get to have a completion or secrets are left unanswered. 

On the Spirit’s location or inner-dimension platform there are those loved ones looking for a “phone line” to speak their mind/heart and communicate. 

In my case, the connection can come from a client’s photograph, voice over the phone or their physical presence. Even in a Photo Gallery or Antique Store this phenomena can be experienced and it has happened many time to me over the years. I wouldn’t have believed this possible myself until I started having fascinating experiences for many years shaping my life, guiding my talents and spiritual path.

One of the most important ingredients to having a successful session with a Medium is feeling Safe and the Trust-Factor. When you feel trust, feel safe and relaxed, your own Soul will tell you if it is real or not. 

One of the signs besides feeling safe is the experience of having physical confirmations playing out on the body; the room may shift in temperature, smelling a beautiful fragrance or ethereal sounds bleeding through into the environment. 

Personally, I have had all of the above characteristics happen in one session. Indeed this is rare but even more phenomena are possible! It is possible because the Spirits on the other side are trying to get our attention.

Being an Empathic guide, I track these energetic exchanges and help focus the information to be as specific as possible. 

On the other side of this coin, the Medium/Empathic person has to be responsible for all the energetic openings that can happen all at once and hold these vibrational frequencies.

It is possible to have up to four or five vibrational channels communicating at once and there is a Knowing on how to stand in this matrix. 

I choose to never let them enter my body and depending on who shows up, they must stand at a comfortable distance from my auric field. Once in awhile a Spirit will stand next to me or show some sort of affection. 

Example: Not long ago, I was in a small but lovely Metaphysical Shop here in Portland, Oregon. Without any warning I was given an assignment by Spirit to talk to a young man behind the store’s counter. He was showing my sister Trish polished crystals and crystal jewelry. Sis kept handing me crystals to read for her and shortly, she came upon the most powerful crystal in the whole store and put it into my hand! 

I wasn’t thinking anything except to discover the power matrix of each of the crystals that she handed me. I didn’t know at the time that my energies were being prepared to experience a phenomenon. This particular crystal was one of those you just can’t put down; I was holding a “Gate Keeper Crystal”. Suddenly, “The Calling” came over me. I was immediately in the phenomenon and standing in two worlds. One being a very indigenous environment with a father figure standing next to me, saying, “I want to talk to my Son!”

I felt the energies of the Father’s arm around my shoulder and my heart and very Soul had that Knowing vibe to trust this process. I was being called to a sacred mission and didn’t blink an eye. You see, this has happened to me over and over for many years and I have had to learn to trust myself first and be receptive to Spirit.

The bottom line to this story is the young man behind the counter (Brian) was given his true spiritual identity and mission. He would be working with gifted children who will need a very talented guide to assist them in activating their missions.

One of the first things I said to Brian was that he was an Elemental with strong Faery persons all around him and a Shamanic Father Spirit wanting to talk to him.

Suddenly from the hands of another person behind the store counter, Brian’s business card was put into my hand. I read these words on his card, “Faery Doctor” and “Keeper of a bridge to the little people”.

Even if you don’t understand this spiritual code or type of energetic communication, Brian had just had a prayer answered. I saw his face change back and forth reflecting his Faery image.

From that point on whatever was said was validated and confirmed by Brian or the other person standing next to him. Now, everyone’s emotions were running so high that it caused an energy shift in the room and on our physical bodies. 

Brian was going to be very affected on all levels from the Solar and Lunar Eclipses coming in this May. This young man was a gift to me that day because I rarely see someone of his talents and colorful auric field in full display.

In saying goodbye to Brian, I cried a little as I held him in my arms and let him know that the Elders and his indigenous family on another vibratory plane are talking about him sitting around a camp fire. He is so dearly respected and loved for his choice to be here in the physical form.  Have you ever heard the saying: “Being in this world but not of it.” Well, this is Brian’s auric signature!

I blew my nose a couple of times and walked out of the store with a sense of “Thank you God for choosing me”. The intensity of the contact with his Father’s Spirit and Faery Elders touched into my spirit so deeply that I was overjoyed.

If a Psychic/Medium is walking their life path with compassion and having joy in their heart, you will know them by an energetic signature felt as Safe and Trustworthy. This response can come off a photograph, a handshake, hug or their vibrational presence.

The reason that I felt compelled to share this with you is like you…my life is also being affected by these astrological alignments and expansions in the coming months. 

Most people don’t know about this particular range of my gifts and it has become important to share this information based on choice of new options for your spiritual growth. 

BLESSING: I let go of all anxiety and resistance and generously give myself love and kindness this week. 
And So It Is

Thank you for listening, 

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Habitual Resistance (2 Minutes)

It is often unconscious for one’s “habitual resistance” to become an emotional polarization. Action follows thought in an automatic way…if the thoughts are polarized, no positive action is possible.

The critic/shadow voice within the subconscious doesn’t just speak in the negative; it also refers to things out of the light of our conscious awareness. To change actions, it is necessary to change thoughts.

The challenge is to listen to that still voice, to give reality and meaning to what is working within, to become more aware of the denied parts of any un-lived, un-realized parts of life.

Example… a situation with Confrontations: “My husband/wife irritates me so much that I don’t want to say anything at all and I’m so uncomfortable in any confrontation.”

To understand this backlash of underlying fear, listen closely to what you are thinking and feeling. Be willing to shift out of the survival brain and into pure third-party observation posture.

What if the example above relates to the on going emotional problem with authority figures, loss of self-esteem and self-trust? What if the other person is really the “parent figure” in the relationship and the youngest part of you is feeling powerless, still reacting the same way?

Possible response and questions to ask yourself:

1. How far back are the feelings of avoiding confrontations?
2. Who was in the confrontation; what meaning did it have then?
3. How would a logical third party best handle past confrontations?

Viewing any situation from this higher perspective will permit you to control your thoughts by logically assessing what is happening, avoiding a reflexive emotional response. This is freedom

Thoughts and feelings are a dual activity in the biological and emotional body. These cause “automatic, energetic responses” that will remain the same until changed. Change is brought about by utilizing the senses to detect the “shadow-self” that is constantly shifting and changing portions of the mind… the “ego consciousness”.

There must be delineation between the conscious sense of self-awareness and the unconscious sense of Self. They will merge from time to time to permit assessments of feelings and the Self must know that it operates on dual levels…separate but in concert.

Our present culture tends to live life less examined, more reactive. This lifestyle inhibits our power over deeply trapped life experiences, concealing them deep within the psyche. This makes it ever more important to personally examine and know the dual levels of your own mind. You must act or respond because you will determine your best course of action. This is freedom and power.

If unconscious, unobserved traits remain hidden, then negativity, blame, judgments, and self-rejection can unify as destructive potentials that polarize the body and mind.

Have you ever had someone say to you that they can’t feel anything? What might be happening to them?

The condition of depression left unobserved can reach beyond the physical and emotional body…it weakens the auric field and attacks the very spirit. The physical body follows along.

Medicating this condition provides some relief but not healing. The bio-chemical/electrical pulses of the unhappiness are active, still sending signals. The trapped emotions are unresolved, pushed further down into the psyche, and reside there reinforced by the potent self-critic.

Today, we all are being challenged to find a new reality within the spirit and we need tools to access all the levels of self.

Obtaining new “Life Skills” makes it possible to unify awareness and permits observation, thus control of the shadow’s inhibiting destructive potentials.

I am dictated to teaching life skill tools that have a power to gently release trapped life energies, truths about what we can’t accept or don’t know about ourselves. Learning these skills bring you the power of personal spiritual awareness.

You will learn the feelings of truth that are within your own Soul. You can have a self-conversation while holding self-supportive and self-validating attitudes intended to depolarize the shadow’s often overwhelming ego.

Here are some steps to change how you feel and change your thinking into positive self-talk:

• I can handle this.
• Something good will come of this, even if it’s not now evident to me.
• I am taking my power back.
• Self-validation is within me… not outside me.
• I trust myself.
• How will this make me strong?
• I can choose to remain calm and patient.
• I choose kindness (this is what love would do).
• How can I add value here?
• What am I learning?
• This upset is not worth its “emotional toxins”!

Sample conversation with “higher-self”: “We might not like what just happened but we’re good at coming up with solutions. We’re going to work this out.”

Divine detachment is a state of self-awareness where you clear all negative emotions and become a peaceful pond of no negative thoughts. You simply refuse to entertain them! You might ask, “God, what do you want me to know right now?”

You might decide to embrace change and the unknown future because you are giving up control over things you know that are out of your hands to control. It is here that you come to realize the only thing you can control is your self.


1. Do you control the weather?
2. Do you control what you eat?
3. Do you have control over your own happiness?
4. Do you control your day?
5. Do you control what others think or do?

Do not let the sorrows of the world become your “pain body”. Experience living fully and live more richly in the present moment you have.

Every age of Man has its times of great upheaval, where unconscious insecurities of the collective are revealed… we are in the midst of one of them. You are being asked to reach to a higher level of conscious knowing and spiritual direction in order to adequately handle these changes.

Cleaning out our inner-world, allows us to reflect more of our own Spirit to the surrounding world, providing clarity and understanding outward.

Journaling is a powerful way to make contact with your “emotional body”; a way to ask any number of universal questions and a process to see things you’ve concealed from the past. Your “inner-guidance” is waiting to give you a gift!

© 2011 by Badeish Lange

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Spiritual Quest

Many of us are learning new ways to show up for ourselves and to make our lives more authentic. To do this we need to know how to stop the energy-stealing consequences of fear. Fear is a poison to the body, mind and spirit. It is also the absence of love!

Fear is the thief of joy, and its loud, overpowering presence drowns out the sweet small voices of the angels.

You must allow yourself to put aside this “thief” and begin to listen for your true powerful inner-voice; the heavenly direction that waits for you to exercise trust in order to hear its spiritual signatures, signs, confirmations and telepathic guidance.

What would our “Soul/Higher-self say if we started to really listen to its Divine intelligence? Envision yourself being assisted by those guides and angels. This seemingly effortless approach permits the life force in “blue” energies to flow around you. It is a gift that you give yourself!

I believe the answers come when we let go of control and old belief systems, while honoring our own precious Soul’s feelings. In spiritual teaching this would be called a “Spiritual Platform/Quest.

Learning to utilize the listening and the communications coming from the Soul’s urgings opens the door to a “knowing” and presents choices of our taking action.

The spiritual quest involves listening; communications that come from the Soul’s nine sensory system. This amazing “sensory system” is located in your stomach/gut and is the third chakra of the body. If you trust your own instincts and its intuitive response, you will experience an accelerated rate of sensory development.

The more you educate yourself to things that are calling you to examine, the more you will feel the guidance of the heavenly helpers.

Example: Last Sunday, June 6th, I did a radio show based out of Washington DC. The opportunity came with little effort on my part and I followed a focused intention and an intuitive guidance.

A few minutes before the show was live, I said a prayer and suddenly felt a rush of energy move through my total body, head to toe, to the point of feeling nauseas. I started to feel a great deal of responsible as to what I would be talking about and it started to control my thoughts.

Suddenly there was a voice telepathically saying, “Badeish, you don’t have to worry, everything will be wonderful. Please place a piece of “blue paper” in front of your eyes and this will calm your nervous system.”

When I placed the blue paper in front of my eyes, the nausea when away! Next, I heard the most important part of the instructions. “You are here to share knowledge and don’t let it be all about you!” “Take this opportunity to speak from your heart and what is needed to go out on the airwaves will be provided for you.”

Well, it all turned out seamless and I was on a “high” for the rest of the day. Reading four people without anything to guide me except their voice vibrations is a demonstration of “letting go and letting God.”

Sometimes we have to live in the moment to intentionally follow what is happening on the higher realms of our own consciousness.

When expanding the introspection toward your spiritual identity, please arm yourself with positive self-reinforcement and watch how it produces a deeper decision to step into your personal power with confidence.

The decision to step into your personal power is a choice to be in control of one’s own journey, to create a personal road map that opts out of the past and lives more in the present. The future is created from living in the NOW. The past is made up of illusions, non-realities and misconceptions and the time has come to set yourself free from whatever has kept you in a stare of “emotional bondage.”

Powerful “I am” Affirmations:

Let’s step these affirmations up energetically! Envision that the youngest part of you is saying them! Pay close attention to what happens after each affirmation.

Do you have physical feelings and emotions being felt on the body? Do you start to see in your “minds-eye” your precious inner-child? What happens to your energy levels on the body? Do you feel heat or a sense of coolness? Pay attention to everything that you experience and record and date it in a journal.

Your intention is to make contact with spiritual forces beyond your control and trust the angels have gathered to witness this sincere objective of claiming your power and taking it to your heart chakra.

Example: The inner-child says, “I am a miracle and I am amazing!”

· I am a reflection of a powerful mother/father God Force that is held within the universe and these energetic vibrations exist within my DNA.

· I am a visionary and Mother Earth Vanguard” here to join with others through my natural vibrational forces.

· I am in the quest of releasing all “karmic” contracts.

· I am freeing myself from distractions of my fears and the energetic “cosmic/physical” container of those fears.

· I am releasing all shame and regrets to the Holy spirit that watches over my life.

· I am here to awaken my connections with all angelic mentors whose job it is to lighten my path towards an opening of my “Divine Intelligence!”

· I am accepting all of God’s blessings with deep gratitude and know that I’m being assisted in every way with the new frequency adjustments now moving into my DNA.

· I am learning to show up more authentically in everything I say and do.

Please feel free to email me as to your experiences with these empowering affirmations. I don’t always know how you feel unless you share with me. It is because of you that I am guided to write and send the “Spiritual Digest.”

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pineal Gland

The Pineal Gland is a tiny cone-shaped organ that sits on the roof of the 3rd ventricle of the brain, directly behind the top of the nose (3rd eye chakra), and floats in a small lake of cerebrospinal fluid.

It is the body's biological clock. It has been called a “window of the brain” because, as with all mid-line structures bordering the 3rd and 4th ventricles of the brain, it doesn't have a blood-brain barrier. Instead it relies on a constant supply of blood via, considering its miniscule size, a particularly rich vascular network.

It was considered for many years to be as redundant as our appendix* but this theory is brought sharply into question because, in our body's infinite wisdom, the pineal gland has been supplied with the best blood, oxygen and nutrient mix available other than that received by our kidneys! (*The appendix is also now being acknowledged for specific functions.

The pineal gland acts as a receiving mechanism. It is capable of monitoring electro-magnetic fields and helping align bodies in spatial terms.

With its central hormone, melatonin, the pineal regulates sleep/ wake cycles, regulates the aging process, and also appears to act as a “mistress gland” orchestrating the body's entire endocrine system. Thus, energetically speaking, it governs the chakra system. It is also responsible for permitting the ability to attain shamanic states, visions, kundalini awakening, et cetera.

The pineal gland is unique in that it sits alone in the brain while all other parts are paired. It is the first gland to be formed in the fetus and is distinguishable at 3 weeks. When individual life force enters the fetal body at 7 weeks, the moment in which we become truly human, it passes through the pineal and triggers the first primordial flood of DMT (N-dimethyltryptamine).

Later, at birth, the pineal releases more DMT. DMT is also capable of mediating pivotal experiences of deep meditation, shamanic states of consciousness, psychoses, spiritual emergence, psychoses, and near death experiences.

Starting in adolescence, the pineal gland begins to harden with calcified tissue; these calcified deposits, between 3-5 mm are called “brain sand.” The asymmetrical crystals in the pineal gland that are ‘piezo-electric' - that is, they send out electronic voltage creating EM waves.

Whenever a person is exposed to an EMF (electro-magnetic field) such as that of the Earth or Sun, the gland vibrates, sending out EM signals to the rest of the body.

When the pineal gland is stimulated geo-magnetically it produces alkaloids similar to plant psychedelics. Any strong change in the earth's EMF will produce Earth/ land receptive and, a rush of psychedelics in the body enabling us to be more psychically active in shamanic states.

The pineal gland is affected by coherent EM fields and it changes its hormone production when exposed to EM at low levels.

As the Earth and Sun have the greatest effect of any force on our physiology it makes sense that the cells of the body and brain align with it.

All life within the envelope of earth's vibrational influence attempts to match base-frequencies (entrainment) with that of the Earth. To this end, each of our cells is constantly shifting patterns of energy to achieve harmonic resonance with the reference signals of our Earth.

Our bodies are truly amazing and are intimately co-dependent with these harmonics!

We are made up of multiple trillions of molecules, each vibrating with its own intelligence and interlinked as is the universe. We are a microcosm of and reflect the whole.

A picture may be emerging as to how we reach shamanic states through the wisdom of the body as it in tune with Earth.

Beginning a shamanic journey makes the pulse rate increase while the blood pressure drops. This is like what happens when the body is preparing to die. As the life-force departs the body back through the pineal gland, another flood of DMT is released.

For this reason, the initial states of a shamanic experience would also trigger a release of DMT.

The pineal gland is a mysterious and wonderful tiny organ that we couldn’t really live without and that just happens to be able to add spiritual richness to life.

By Badeish Lange

Body Mind Connection - Stomach & Intestines

Body Mind Connection - Stomach & Intestines (3 Minutes)

The body reflects what is happening on both the conscious and unconscious levels, so the mind uses the body to express itself. It uses particular symbols and patterns with which to communicate, and these patterns manifest themselves through illnesses, diseases or accidents. By learning the language that is being used, we can understand our innate connection to the body.

What is it that is actually happening, when for instance we get an ache from which we are suffering? If we look at what message or meaning the body is trying to communicate, we can begin to learn how to talk to our body.

Our bodies clearly reflect the imbalances of energy within us, for when we do not recognize what is taking place psychologically or emotionally, when we are blind to our own attitudes and behavior, then that energy will find another way to come to our attention.

Since it is my personal opinion that many people in the near future will develop new symptoms in their 2nd and 3rd chakra centers, I’ve decided to give some insights that could prove very helpful regarding the stomach and intestines.

The Stomach:

Our abdomen is where we process our reality. We then build upon that reality, and finally share the result with others. If our reality is painful and abusive then we are more likely to give pain and abuse in return. If it is warm and loving, then we will be well nourished and our own loving and creative energies will be free to express themselves.

This area is closely connected to our inner thoughts and feelings, recognized in such statements as ‘having a gut feeling’, ‘having no guts’, or being ‘unable to stomach it’. Here resides our deepest intuition and sense of what is right or wrong; a response in our stomach is often a better guideline to what is going on than our sensory impressions may be. When we have a strong gut feeling we can guarantee it will be right.

Food represents mother, love, affection, security, survival and reward. We replace our need or desire for any one of these with food as a way of filling the emptiness within. We use food instead of affection and love, especially at times of loss, separation or death. We also use it to ease financial or material tensions.

The stomach modifies and breaks down the food and renders it capable of being absorbed, before sending it further down the body. So it is not surprising to find that thoughts and feelings can also sit here creating nausea and tension.

A rigidly tense stomach area can indicate a “resistance to allowing” issues to pass through, a holding on to reality in an attempt to prevent inevitable moves and changes. If what we are taking in is causing imbalance, pain or indigestion, there we will not be receiving the nourishment we need. This applies as much to thoughts, feelings, impressions and information as it does to food.

All of this is dealt with in the stomach. Here the longing, unfulfilled desires, worldly pressures and external conflicts are first assimilated.

The Intestines:

From the stomach the food passes down into the small intestine and then into the large intestine, or colon, before elimination. This involves a process of integration and letting go, not just of food but also of feelings, thoughts and experiences. If this process of letting go is restricted (due to insecurity, fear and so on), then a holding on takes place and constipation, intestinal ulcers or a spastic colon can develop.

Short Story: A doctor visits Africa and began to witnesses so many people living in extreme poverty. Within hours of his arrival, he began to empty his intestines at a rapid rate! He had literally been hit in the guts by what he was experiencing.

A nurse that works in a mental hospital sees the suffering of many people of every age. She is empathic and takes these suffering emotions to her gut. She more than witnessed the pain; she took it on energetically to her stomach and heart.

Their healing meant that they had to learn how to be objective and free from taking on the suffering; how to be compassionate and unconditionally loving yet without getting subjectively involved in the reality they were witnessing.

What is Constipation?

Constipation is a holding on, a tightening of the muscles so that elimination, or release, cannot take place. The constipated personality arises when, we are controlling and dominating and have a hard time being spontaneous. This can be due to a fear of events getting out of control.

Allowing life to unfold in its own way is one means of dealing with this. But it is not always easy: the very nature of constipation is to hold on, and this holding on will be as much to the illness as it is to the emotional causes of that illness!

We are more likely to have constipation, digestion problems and low back aches when we are experiencing financial problems or relationship conflicts.

These are times when we are feeling insecure and ungrounded; we want to hold to everything as it is and not let it change, as we do not know what will come next.

Letting go means trusting that it is safe to let go; trusting that life will resolve itself and that we do not have to have the power in our hands in order for the world to function. It means learning how to play; how to express ourselves freely, and how to be at peace with whatever happens.

Here is the message: Slow down, take time to listen and absorb one situation fully before moving on to the next possible challenge. Let go and let God!

By Badeish Lange

The Pericardium

I read the description of the word pericardium out of a book, “the membranous sac enclosing the heart.”

In that moment, I felt something energetic and magical happening on my body and it was very emotional. Happiness flooded over me and I could hear and feel Spirit making contact!

“The pericardium/energetic-sac enclosed around the human heart is also called the “Torus Tube.” It is operating in frequencies within the auric fields of the body and is of great importance to our physical adjustments--- in reaction to the solar flares!”

Now, Spirit really has my attention! Most importantly, I must remember to breathe.

The psychic impressions that I received are a Muscle Man/Atlas holding up the world, Libra the symbol of balance and Virgo who represents health. Atlas is representing the Holy Father with the Divine Feminine energies which represents balance.

Galactic charged particles will enter our solar system affecting all planets. This event also includes our Sun. When the Sun is swarmed by such particles, it in turn releases its own. This in-turn produces a double-whammy of combined particles hitting the Earth.

My question to Spirit:What is the relationship between our pericardium and the cosmic solar flares being released this summer?” I am asking for all of us on Earth, how do we prepare ourselves?


“The solar magnetic ripples” will affect the emotional body’s memories of the past. The degree in which we will feel this exchange is going to be the individual’s challenge.

The super-subconscious mind and the unconscious mind will experience an interface and exchange of light-wave particles.

These cosmic energies are meant to wake up memories of the past which are stored in our inner-library of the DNA.

These past memory-records of life events are memories stored in our emotional body since birth and will surface, requiring us to create an active clearing of their magnetic and bio-chemical vibrations.

We are being guided to learn how to stay in the present, stay grounded while processing new life direction and new realities.

Change is the active component for making any new choice. The focus will be to stamp out illusions while expanding our personal awareness.

Make friends with “change” as it is energetically like an ocean wave arriving on shore. Energetic-Waves come in many different sizes and the bio-chemical body will be affected by the Earth’s magnetic field as it sends out different frequencies in a wave like response.

The emotional body and the pericardium are light-wave sensitive and are directly plugged into our “sensory system” located in the solar plexus, heart and nervous system.

It will be a demonstration of what could be considered a “cosmic musical scale” and it runs from the top of the spine to the last vertebrae of our body.

We could experience a blue- light-wave- frequency moving though our spine that produces “sound waves turned into light-waves! This magnetic action will light up the Helix of the Human DNA.

The frontal lobes of the brain could experience a small headache with a reaction in our eyes... The eyes could ache or feel scratchy for a short period of time. Your equilibrium may also feel out of balance at different times of the day until your “Pineal and Pituitary Glands find balance.

Dreams will become very important to pay attention to. Through dreams, you will receive answers while others will experience OBE/ out of body experiences.

One of the body’s perfect gifts and not used in many life times is the additional function of the pericardium. This internal sensory system and master organ when activated is like sleeping beauty waking up to the on going changes to the physical body and the outer world. The pericardium is awakening to its true electrical-magnetic function.

The pericardium is the “Torus Tube” and it is the matrix of our spirit’s identity charged with Divine intelligence.

Now imagine a ‘Donut’ in the colors of the rainbow. Much like a mini-space ship, see the lay lines visible and moving in all directions within the Torus Tube.

This sacred image of the Torus Tube is that which protects and surrounds our life force. This is an important visual image because--- it is an additional sacred code to how in the future we will learn to manipulate our own DNA.

We can learn to trust our own heart and take that quantum leap forward. This in-coding will be activated starting June 2010.

The light-wave pulse coming to Earth through the solar flares activates in the Earth’s core. Earth’s magnetic fields then pulse electro-magnetic-light- waves through our heart charka and once experienced, these connections of light-waves are felt physically.

There could be experiences of feeling over emotional and being over-reactive to stimuli from our surroundings. There are many things that could make us feel reactive. It will be important to stay grounded.

The Earth receives light-waves from the Sun and in turn, the Earth will send more and more frequencies of higher and higher fields of light, we will be reacting to this cosmic occurrence all through the summer of 2010.

The heart chakra and its pericardium are the most power connection to the grids and vortexes around the Earth.

All is happening through a cosmic reaction to the prism affects of the Central Sun located at the center of our planetary system.

Here are a few additional things for you to know about your body.

The Pineal Gland holds “calcium crystals” and reacts in the perception of light waves. This produces a molecular structure called “Melanin” which can actually translate one form of energy into another like sound waves into light waves.

In humans, it is found that melanin is in the pineal gland, skin, heart and the genitals.

It is an organ of thought, by means of which we learn to ‘know’ and thus to change eternal ideas into earthy conceptions. The pineal gland points to the land of the spirit and an interface between consciousness and reality.

The Pituitary Gland lies in the brain behind the eyes and is the leader of the ‘endocrine orchestra.’ It is the connection between spirit and Earth, a slowing of the abstract energy so that physical manifestation may occur. Between the energetic of the pineal and the pituitary, we have the 3rd eye chakra.

The Thymus Gland located near the heart functions to transform new immune cells into what is called “T-cells.” As the thymus is closely linked to the energy of the heart, its full functioning indicates the importance of love and is connected to the “heart chakra.”

All of these glands will be affected from the changes in Earth’s electromagnetic fields and it is very important to be paying close attention to your body. You may need extra rest and a meditation practice that will help you ground your energies from where ever you might be--- at any given time of the day.

There is no doubt that we are at that cosmic alignment and intersection where the human condition will have an energetic and bio-chemical shift.

Here are a few helpful protection tools:

1. Visualize “pink light” circling your heart

2. Seek laughter, joy and relationship with nature for extra grounding energies.

By Badeish Lange

Monday, January 18, 2010


Time has come for all of us to ask ourselves questions such as, “Does change plunge me into confusion?” Life can take a sudden turn and we are thrown off-balance, lost, bewildered, and hurting. We could believe nothing seems to be happening and we feel stuck.

Whether through challenging experiences or simply a nagging sense of stagnation, our Spirit always presents opportunities to evolve spiritually.

The key is to learn to control our thought processes and bring them into line with reality. Our Spirit is calling for a positive understanding of truth and a willingness to receive soul guidance.

Spiritual direction sometimes calls for a spiritual companion or soul friendship with a mutual relationship of trust, sharing and listening. One person serves as a spiritual director (listener) and the others role is to participate in the process. The feedback from our spiritual companion gives feedback on what they have heard us share and act as a mirror or witness to the feelings shared.

Though the process of honest and open communication, of sharing and listening, old ways of thinking that no longer serve us can be discovered and released.

Please consider journaling answers to these questions while utilizing the contribution of a spiritual companion. Asking the right questions has the power to change your life.

· Do you let yourself be consumed by obligations and resigned to drudgery?

· What and how much do you believe you deserve from life?

· What is your level of self-worth? How much do you truly appreciate who you are?

· What about “should not, can’t, or fears?” This forbidden negative territory limits your dreams and aspirations! It is important that they are identified, processed, and eliminated from your thoughts and belief system.

· Do you delay gratification for later in life?

· Does your life feel like all work and no play?

· How often do you dare to ask for what you want?

· How much of your time is spent on what you need to do, vs. what you want to do?

· What are you pretending not to know?

· When is the last time you had a really good belly laugh?

· Are you self-validating? When is the last time you experienced it?

· When is the last time you said yes when you really wanted to say NO---- or the other way around?

· How does your age affect your decisions?

· What hearts desires have been put on a shelf? What excuses do you tell yourself for not taking any action?

· Do you eat to live or live to eat? What is the difference between the two?

· What are your new goals for 2010?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Power in the Pause (Using the Solar Eclipse Energies) 4 minutes

Wonderful things happen when you take time to experience your life through refection, meditation, a focusing on living in our energetic field. This constitutes a cosmic “Pregnant Pause.”

The pregnant pause is what I am calling this chance to reflect during the very active Solar Eclipse and New Moon astrological period. We are also in between a Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse holding transformational energies for the body, mind and spirit.

There has been a significant change in the frequency around the planet: There is lightness because the clearing of dense lower vibrational energy has been occurring for some time and has now increased noticeably.

The call to act has always been constant but now the call to action is louder, like the drum of a beating heart--- listening for your supporting energy.

Take time to find the rhythm to your actions. Follow that sound, because it leads you to your true self, your true self-expression. Without it you are not in your full power and not enjoying your potential.

The journey is occurring for all---regardless of where you may be in the process of spiritual awakening. The birthing of new energy once completed, does not discriminate against who can benefit and who can grow. It is not the number of years, or the dedication of the past, it is always the intention you hold now that matters. What has been of the past has brought you to where you are now; what is occurring right now is what matters.

The cosmic energies may cause symptoms of a headache, tiredness and strange feelings of an over-emotional reaction. You might not be sleeping well or feel anxious. If there is a physical problem, spirit will now find a way to give you a message or get your attention.

I would like to give you three examples:

Someone has been in perfect health but wakes up with the skin looking gray, pain in one leg. This is clearly a warning to consult a doctor. From my psychic platform of looking at this case, I found that he will be fine but a correction needs to be made in his health program. He was given a clear warning. The healing energies gave a sign to him. This person will have another opportunity to receive the attention his body requires.

A man is going about his day, no past tendencies for headaches, when he suddenly feels nauseas and sick. He regurgitates his stomach contents and then goes to bed. The next day he feels energized. His nervous system was holding stress and the energies wanted to travel through the spinal column and activate new wiring in his brain. Sound strange? It gets better!

A person ordinarily doing fine has for the last several days felt an anxiety, but does not know why. Feelings of fear and insecurity keeps this person distracted, near tears. Again, the nervous system needs to be relaxed, open and receptive to receiving additional life force. This person is a sensitive by birth and will soon appreciate this energy download of new wiring and its sensory capabilities.

The body is communicating unconsciously with an energetic bombardment. We must relax the tensions building up on our nervous system to receive these higher eclipse frequencies that bathe all life on the Earth.

The pause is a spiritual platform for observation on all levels. In a personal-awareness-state of mind, your spirit guides and angels will be waiting to communicate with you. I call it a “Pregnant Pause” because it is filled with amazing possibilities wanting to birth/manifest into your life.

What have you been praying for or asking your guides to help you with?

It’s time to take a deep breath and relax. What’s been on your mind that you want to avoid or change?

In the time-out (pause) there are beautiful opportunities and adventures that can be experienced from doing a deeper introspection.

We hold within ourselves a sacred space enabling us to find our truths and more of our real spiritual identity.

Some people are being called into clearing their auric field to permit higher frequencies of exchange. Others are ending careers or relationships and developing new ones.

People will be affected in many different ways but I believe the key to understanding this energetic opportunity is to relax, breathe deeply and allow clarity of heart and mind to re-connect with a higher mind.

Our perceptions as to what is right or wrong may change to hold less self-judgment and shame. We will view the mirrors of influences and emotional patterns waiting to be healed. Under this astrological –eclipse alignment we can choose to have the important conversation with our inner-self that we have never had so far---and that includes welcoming spirit’s contribution.

The pause allows us to slow down and acknowledge all that is wonderful within ourselves and thankfulness for breaking up old influences and illusions.

Questions to ask Higher-Self:

1. Am I listening?

2. What is my body telling me?

3. Am I being authentic in how I present myself with others?

4. What old stories of my past am I still feeding energetically (anger, resentment and blame) and how is it affecting my physical body?

5. What would happen if I stopped caring what other people think about me?

6. What action would I take if I chose to become fearless?

7. What blessings do I desire from this cosmic wave of pure life force?

8. How can I love myself more---body, mind & spirit?

9. In how many other ways can I use this power of the “pause” in my life?

Your growth can be experienced on levels never before experienced. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma, shattering and discombobulating of the old is now shifting. And where you know you are ready to shift ---make that leap in knowing faith.

It is through your actions, you will lead others. Your actions towards your true-self will create a wave of light, a ripple of heaven on Earth across the planet, vibrating and enhancing the call to action for others.

Never doubt the power in the pause as our divinity is guiding us from inside out.

Thank you for listening,

Badeish Lange