Sunday, August 20, 2006


This is a composite of other author’s ideas along with my own insights.

Imagine a weave of light as “silver threads” flowing in purpose to integrate and re-associate our light body into an active state of consciousness.

Now imagine the Divine Intelligence of a God Force as the silver threads… manifesting this process.

We are already weaving this energetic and magnetic force right now! We are being called into our light body because it represents the expansion of our Divinity.

The vibratory template for our Divinity: A transcendant conscious awareness of the awakening from a “miasmic sleep”, while grounded in self-awareness, we can re-pattern the “DNA emotional-code” that determines how we see the world.

All of silver threads create a sacred weave becoming alive within the body’s DNA. The participation from the light body is changing energy patterns in our “Emotional Matrix and Auric Fields.”

The Auric Field is creating vibrations of higher frequencies and this is felt on the body as a pulsation on the human nervous system through the color of blue. This vibratory signal is bio-chemically changing our physical bodies and opening up new strands in the DNA.

To be clear, the soul body and light body are of the same intelligence. We will sense more, feel more and be ready to receive a re-patterning of “multi-sensory perception.”

The truth of the matter is: Spirit is simple…. once you extract the illusions and throw them away.

We are starting to realize we have all been anesthetized from our truth and power. A new way to look at life must be developed in order to allow for unlimited choices and an acceptance that our thoughts are propelled by energy.

Give possibility to this idea: Our DNA is being shifted into the higher frequencies while opening our perception into a higher state of cosmic consciousness. Our internal technology is programmed in the DNA to receive the inter-dimensional communications through the “light body.”

The power of Spirit is outward; the more it expands and weaves more solidly, the more swiftly things will manifest!

The light body first touches the world and brings into us, a sensing of change in our relationships, beliefs, and time and space.

We will find our lessons more rapidly. We will see things that are already set into motion or that we chose to experience for our Soul’s growth is being brought to us quickly as we expand our consciousness.

There is no need of fear. We are creating our futures through dreams, visions, and desires of the Soul and God can perform miracles. Your breathing deeper and your creative eyes start to see things in a different manner. The truth will start to pop out from the most unexpected places and things.

No matter what the circumstances in your life, a new day is bubbling up and trying to get your attention.

Once you have affirmed that you wish to awaken, and once you have taken yourself out of your comfort zone, you are a pliable piece of spirit allowing “The Quickening.”

A prayer many be defined as a quality of thought, feeling and emotion, which allows you to tune your biological resonator to creation’s circuitry.

By: Author Greg Braden (edited version)


Oh God, I refuse to remain asleep, and show me your truth.

Let me see the wonder of a new day through eyes that penetrate beyond the obvious.

Let me glimpse the wonder of the silver threads.

Help me to create a day of change.

I am open to opportunities and new wonder.

Every day is my Spirit’s Day to experience my own Divinity.

I am open to joy and more laughter.

I am a receiver for communion with the God Force.

My path will be illuminated and I will achieve a “Spiritual Remembering.”

Out loud I say: I am ready to change.

I am ready to come into my power.

I trust in myself and spirit.

I allow myself to see the truth is all around me on a daily basis.

By Judy Beebe

Tool: Exercise to energize the “Light Body” given August 8, 2006…. (888 wealth energy)

Please read this through a couple of times to see the possible inter-action between the physical body and the light body.

Quiet the mind and body. Inhale only through the nose and relax. Visualize the “Light Body or Auric Field” three feet beyond your physical presence

Picture in your minds eye a white and silver band around your Auric Field. Breathing deeply, you will see and feel the light body drawing the illuminated light into your physical body and circulating it back out into your Aura.

(This focused hologram will re-charge and energize your total cellular frequency or the DNA’s electro-magnetic wave pulse template, so please take your time to participate with the energy field.)

Pay close attention to the energies cleansing and circulating through the blood, skin, and vital organs.

Move this vision back from the physical and into the Auric Field and back out again.

Feel the energetic exchange taking place. Give possibility to the physical cleaning, purifying and balancing in the physical.

Create the number 8 in blue light and position it above your head. You will know the right position when you reach up and see yourself placing your hands on the outer loops of the configuration of the number 8 symbol, then remove your envisioned hands and place them at your side.

The last step is to breathe deeply to a rhythmic count of three.

Visualize the energies traveling through the 8 symbol. Trust yourself to experience the energy to expand and reveal a beam of light traveling down, inside your head, to affect the pineal gland which is located in the middle of the human brain.

By breathing deeply through your mouth, you will decide when you are ready to come back and ground in your body. Record your experience and drink a glass of water.

Thank you for listening,

Badeish Lange