Monday, November 09, 2009


Perseverance: You have the trust and faith to make a commitment in what you personally believe.

Endurance: You endure for the sake of trusting your knowing faith.

Divine Discernment: You have an acuteness of judgment and understanding felt as a “soul feeling”. Honor first yourself in any decision while discerning there will be no self-sacrifice. Divine Discernment is the act of unconditional love for self and others while making decisions based on soul feelings.

Discipline: A personal choice to create a structure or personal control with the awareness to create a positive reinforced change. This change is created through new thoughts, feelings and actions, while focused on the possibility of new attitudes and new life experiences creating a “new reality”.

Compassion: You can choose to feel emotions without taking on the pain or quilt. In feeling compassion there is no sacrifice of the “Divine-Self”.

Willingness: Willingness is a decision made in the moment. The act of checking in with yourself and paying attention to what you really feel is the willingness to trust your soul feelings.

Hope: In order to make a commitment to change your realities, you have to believe that new realities are possible. Hope is a powerful motivator to transport us to see what is possible in a vision of the future.