Monday, November 09, 2009

Dissolving the Negative Emotional Charges!

It is habitual to resist experiencing things we see as negative, and such resistance causes a backlash of added emotional charges, carried in our subconscious.

Instead of resisting a negative event, if we fully and directly experience it as it happens, we would act as a “viewer and furnace” transforming events into an opportunity, choice or new awareness. Holding open the human viewer and furnace causes a movie of the event to be drawn across the heat of the consciousness. Thoughts and emotions can be freely poured over the event, fully transforming it into a more understandable, manageable matter.

When something has happened that you don’t like and you resist, feel angry or overwhelmed, stop yourself. Instead of justifying or rationalizing your emotions, or escaping, sit down and bring your full attention to the emotional charge.

Next, identify the emotional charge by color, the location in the body, and feel the heat of the emotions. Accept that God is in every situation, hold your attention on the emotional charges, and notice that they begin to dissolve.

You may ask, “God, what do you want me to know right now?”

What remain after this “discharge” of feelings may be answers and possibilities. At least, you will have pulled the “stinger” out of the negative emotions. It is also necessary when sitting and holding the emotional charge to invoke the Divine (in whatever form you prefer) to help you fully and completely dissolve the emotional charge.

Develop the habit of actually looking inside to observe what’s held in the conscious and subconscious mind. We have been accumulating these suppressed emotional charges all of our lives. We must peal back each layer and discover what is the “story” or non-reality to each situation. We must not be impelled to action without knowing the true why of it.

Do not be discouraged when your buttons are pushed once again and an emotional charge comes to the surface. See it as an opportunity to flush out the useless charges remaining from old illusions. You will be more focused to experience breaking old habits of justification and denial---this puts you in touch with a truer, braver you.

Emotions are just actions, and we are always behind the switchboard running the operations, whether we choose to realize it or not. So we want to get the wires all straight!

Do not let the sorrows of the world become a “pain body.” Experience living unconditionally and learn to live more in the present moment.

Surrender yourself to the Divine without any conditions and whatever comes then is without any confusion and question; you feel the joy making you whole again!

In the current times of great upheaval, unconscious insecurities of the collective are being flushed out---you are now being asked to experience a higher level of conscious knowing and spiritual direction.

If we clean out our inner-world, we will begin to reflect more of our “Spirit” to the outer-world; the outer-world then mirrors the peace and vibration of a heightened state of awareness.

Remember: Everything we experience is an opportunity and nothing that happens to us is insignificant!