Monday, November 09, 2009

A Cross Road Observation

We are in such an intense time with two extremes of realities overlapping. We have never before (in our lifetime) been exposed to so much information that insists we are the creators of our reality. We have been given the choice, the power, to decide our future direction on personal levels and the world. Total empowerment is butting heads with total helplessness. Isn’t this an interesting cross-road observation!

To those observing with multi-dimensional eyes, it would seem that the world is on the brink of “transformation. We are experiencing a death and birth all at the same time and these “energy signatures” are playing out on our body. The spiritual keys to this transformation have to lie in the merging of our two realities. We can no longer live in the old third-dimensional world.

Our economic foundation turns out to have rotting floorboards. Mother Earth is sick and tired of our abuse of her body. Unplugged from our “source energy,” we cannot continue in any healthy way. We need to walk our talk. Believe in what we believe, not as theory, but as truths that we live by.

The higher energies are present but we are the ones that have to let then in, and we are the ones that keep them out. To be more accurate, we are either facing “Source” or turning away from source. Our assumptions, fears and worry feed the blockage to the “Source Energies.” It would be like cutting ourselves off from desire, and it’s hard to breathe.

Yet, if we refuse the thoughts of lack and limitations, if we believe that YES there is enough in the higher energies for all of mankind, then straight away, we are turned toward Source to receive the blessings.

Breathe in and let the allowance of self-awareness and self-love be your guide. Take a moment to literally feel the physical sensation of restriction in your body leave. Re-orient your compass toward “Source” and your higher energies by visualizing the eternal limitlessness in front of you, knowing there is enough of all you need, and you have the power to let it in.