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Why Would You Want to Talk to a Psychic Medium? 

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Most people start out seeing a Psychic/Medium for the pure adventure of having the experience. If the Medium is grounded in their talents, a person may have a life changing event or discover that many questions about themselves and others close to them get clarified.

Possible experiences: Contact from your Guardian Angels, hearing from a loved one that has passed on or learning about gifts and past lives can open the door to spiritual growth; an experience of emotional or physical healings are possible; body scans for health reasons. The deeper meanings to all the questions running around in your head can be addressed. Many times when a loved one passes on we don’t get to have a completion or secrets are left unanswered. 

On the Spirit’s location or inner-dimension platform there are those loved ones looking for a “phone line” to speak their mind/heart and communicate. 

In my case, the connection can come from a client’s photograph, voice over the phone or their physical presence. Even in a Photo Gallery or Antique Store this phenomena can be experienced and it has happened many time to me over the years. I wouldn’t have believed this possible myself until I started having fascinating experiences for many years shaping my life, guiding my talents and spiritual path.

One of the most important ingredients to having a successful session with a Medium is feeling Safe and the Trust-Factor. When you feel trust, feel safe and relaxed, your own Soul will tell you if it is real or not. 

One of the signs besides feeling safe is the experience of having physical confirmations playing out on the body; the room may shift in temperature, smelling a beautiful fragrance or ethereal sounds bleeding through into the environment. 

Personally, I have had all of the above characteristics happen in one session. Indeed this is rare but even more phenomena are possible! It is possible because the Spirits on the other side are trying to get our attention.

Being an Empathic guide, I track these energetic exchanges and help focus the information to be as specific as possible. 

On the other side of this coin, the Medium/Empathic person has to be responsible for all the energetic openings that can happen all at once and hold these vibrational frequencies.

It is possible to have up to four or five vibrational channels communicating at once and there is a Knowing on how to stand in this matrix. 

I choose to never let them enter my body and depending on who shows up, they must stand at a comfortable distance from my auric field. Once in awhile a Spirit will stand next to me or show some sort of affection. 

Example: Not long ago, I was in a small but lovely Metaphysical Shop here in Portland, Oregon. Without any warning I was given an assignment by Spirit to talk to a young man behind the store’s counter. He was showing my sister Trish polished crystals and crystal jewelry. Sis kept handing me crystals to read for her and shortly, she came upon the most powerful crystal in the whole store and put it into my hand! 

I wasn’t thinking anything except to discover the power matrix of each of the crystals that she handed me. I didn’t know at the time that my energies were being prepared to experience a phenomenon. This particular crystal was one of those you just can’t put down; I was holding a “Gate Keeper Crystal”. Suddenly, “The Calling” came over me. I was immediately in the phenomenon and standing in two worlds. One being a very indigenous environment with a father figure standing next to me, saying, “I want to talk to my Son!”

I felt the energies of the Father’s arm around my shoulder and my heart and very Soul had that Knowing vibe to trust this process. I was being called to a sacred mission and didn’t blink an eye. You see, this has happened to me over and over for many years and I have had to learn to trust myself first and be receptive to Spirit.

The bottom line to this story is the young man behind the counter (Brian) was given his true spiritual identity and mission. He would be working with gifted children who will need a very talented guide to assist them in activating their missions.

One of the first things I said to Brian was that he was an Elemental with strong Faery persons all around him and a Shamanic Father Spirit wanting to talk to him.

Suddenly from the hands of another person behind the store counter, Brian’s business card was put into my hand. I read these words on his card, “Faery Doctor” and “Keeper of a bridge to the little people”.

Even if you don’t understand this spiritual code or type of energetic communication, Brian had just had a prayer answered. I saw his face change back and forth reflecting his Faery image.

From that point on whatever was said was validated and confirmed by Brian or the other person standing next to him. Now, everyone’s emotions were running so high that it caused an energy shift in the room and on our physical bodies. 

Brian was going to be very affected on all levels from the Solar and Lunar Eclipses coming in this May. This young man was a gift to me that day because I rarely see someone of his talents and colorful auric field in full display.

In saying goodbye to Brian, I cried a little as I held him in my arms and let him know that the Elders and his indigenous family on another vibratory plane are talking about him sitting around a camp fire. He is so dearly respected and loved for his choice to be here in the physical form.  Have you ever heard the saying: “Being in this world but not of it.” Well, this is Brian’s auric signature!

I blew my nose a couple of times and walked out of the store with a sense of “Thank you God for choosing me”. The intensity of the contact with his Father’s Spirit and Faery Elders touched into my spirit so deeply that I was overjoyed.

If a Psychic/Medium is walking their life path with compassion and having joy in their heart, you will know them by an energetic signature felt as Safe and Trustworthy. This response can come off a photograph, a handshake, hug or their vibrational presence.

The reason that I felt compelled to share this with you is like you…my life is also being affected by these astrological alignments and expansions in the coming months. 

Most people don’t know about this particular range of my gifts and it has become important to share this information based on choice of new options for your spiritual growth. 

BLESSING: I let go of all anxiety and resistance and generously give myself love and kindness this week. 
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