Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Personal Energy Meter – Tool (Part II: Creating a Good Vibration - 3 Minutes)

Energy never remains at zero activity. If there were such a thing as a Personal Energy Meter, you would see that the needle is always moving. And, the PE Meter is very sensitive. You would see it’s needle swinging quickly to the left or right of center with the slightest fluctuation in your emotions…these are the products of your thoughts.

When the needle is pointing straight up to center it means a zero effect in fluctuation of the energy, hence, neutral movement.

Your thoughts broadcast energy and it’s either moving towards something or away from it. It is either attracting or repelling, either pulling something closer or pushing it father away. This PE Meter that you visualize as a tool will help you direct what kind of energy you are broadcasting…the idea being--- to send out something that will return to you something of a benefit.

Create by visualizing your Personal Energy Meter. See the points read on the left (1 to 10) zero in the middle, and (1 to 10 on the right. Assign the needle’s movement left as a loss of life force and its movement right to be added life force. The straight up zero position is neutral, level emotion.

From 1 to 5 (on both sides of the PE Meter) there exists less of a physical reaction. Anything over 5 on both positions of the PE Meter, you can have feeling experiences on the physical. There will be either a sense of feeling drained or, a heightened sense of feeling good, physical well being--- with powerful life force energies affecting the physical.

For an example: Remember the last time you laughed until you cried or felt extremely happy? Your PE Meter would have reflected a positive life change affecting the master cells of the physical body and healing energies would have shown up energetically with bio-chemical response.

Using this imagined meter like a speed-0-meter on a car, you can gauge events and thoughts as making increased energy intensity, or causing a decrease or loss of energies.

The way you think about a thing attracts it or repels it. Emotions are the energy of thoughts in motion.

A question to pose to the imaged PE Meter could be “How is my present emotional energy affecting my physical body, emotional body and spirit?” Don’t be afraid to ask yourself different questions while watching the meter.

Start thinking of the ways you could use this etheric meter. Example: While watching the needle, ask “How does this television program affect me emotionally or physically? Does it benefit me? What kind of energy input am I receiving from it?”

When you know what emotions and thoughts you are entertaining, it is called Conscious Creation. This is the deliberate construction of energy patterns in a particular frequency, this purposeful thinking about matter causes constructive energy to form around your thoughts.

Are you forming and sending out your vibrations deliberately and intentionally? If you are not, then they are forming randomly as a result of mixed, disorganized input. Change your vibrations, change your life.

Try using the Personal Energy Meter each day, starting in the morning. Look at it while considering how your day is going, or what you are thinking. Where does the needle swing? You alone can make it move one way or another.

Get in the habit of using this energetic tool and it will become empowering in ways that will surprise you. Like any good healing tool it needs to be used often to work. Try it. Move the needle on what you have just read!

I hope this will be both fun and helpful and I would be happy to hear from you regarding your results.

Thank you for listening,
Badeish Lange

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