Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Creating Good Vibrations Part I (2 Minutes)

Everything in life is energy. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that is not energy. Everything vibrates with energy and the number of vibrations, or wave patterns, within a given period of time refers to the "frequency" with which the energy fluctuates.

Energy is always fluctuating: it never remains static. If energy were to ever remain static everything would suddenly stand still. The physical world would simply stop, like a freeze frame movie. In that moment, life would end. Life, then, could be defined as movement; when it stops life stops. But energy movement in the Unified Field never stops. It is built into the system…it is the system.

This information is more than esoteric data. It has some practical implications in everyday living that could change your life in remarkable ways. It is also why I approach it from different and creative views.

The vast energy field of which we are a part can be, and is, affected by moments and move in any direction and from any source. We are energy generators whose thoughts and emotions pulse out in waves, interacting with other energy.

In every single moment our personal energy field is either moving towards something or away from it. The mental energy we generate either attracts or repels within the phenomenon known as space, “moving toward” something or “pulling” something closer is the same thing. It is the shortening of the distance between two objects or two experiences.

The way you think about a thing attracts it or repels it. That’s because what you want causes energy to move away from you in a certain direction. Once sent out, the energy attracts like energy from the Unified Field and sends it home to you.

The trick with your own energy field is to learn how to control its ebb and flow. It is working unconsciously on things right now, as automatically as breathing. Your energy field is working on the last directions you gave it…that last input it had via your thought and emotions about something.

Purposeful input is what adjusts the frequency of your energy field so that it projects outward an accurate “order” from you for what you want the universe to give.

These are things to think about just before speaking, just before taking some action or making some choice, be it large or small, in daily life. Each such action should be designed to bring you good things from the surrounding energy field.

Conscious creation is the deliberate construction of energy patterns into a favorable frequency. To put this simply, it is the intentional sending out of “good vibes.”

Conscious creation flows directly from your intentional choices to attract beneficial energy your way…and this is done by using your personal “remote control” to change channels until you see a program you want.

Good vibrations give good energy feedback. Try sending out some energy charged with beneficial expectations.

Adapted from Neale Donald Walsch

Thank you for listening,

Badeish Lange

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