Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Pericardium

I read the description of the word pericardium out of a book, “the membranous sac enclosing the heart.”

In that moment, I felt something energetic and magical happening on my body and it was very emotional. Happiness flooded over me and I could hear and feel Spirit making contact!

“The pericardium/energetic-sac enclosed around the human heart is also called the “Torus Tube.” It is operating in frequencies within the auric fields of the body and is of great importance to our physical adjustments--- in reaction to the solar flares!”

Now, Spirit really has my attention! Most importantly, I must remember to breathe.

The psychic impressions that I received are a Muscle Man/Atlas holding up the world, Libra the symbol of balance and Virgo who represents health. Atlas is representing the Holy Father with the Divine Feminine energies which represents balance.

Galactic charged particles will enter our solar system affecting all planets. This event also includes our Sun. When the Sun is swarmed by such particles, it in turn releases its own. This in-turn produces a double-whammy of combined particles hitting the Earth.

My question to Spirit:What is the relationship between our pericardium and the cosmic solar flares being released this summer?” I am asking for all of us on Earth, how do we prepare ourselves?


“The solar magnetic ripples” will affect the emotional body’s memories of the past. The degree in which we will feel this exchange is going to be the individual’s challenge.

The super-subconscious mind and the unconscious mind will experience an interface and exchange of light-wave particles.

These cosmic energies are meant to wake up memories of the past which are stored in our inner-library of the DNA.

These past memory-records of life events are memories stored in our emotional body since birth and will surface, requiring us to create an active clearing of their magnetic and bio-chemical vibrations.

We are being guided to learn how to stay in the present, stay grounded while processing new life direction and new realities.

Change is the active component for making any new choice. The focus will be to stamp out illusions while expanding our personal awareness.

Make friends with “change” as it is energetically like an ocean wave arriving on shore. Energetic-Waves come in many different sizes and the bio-chemical body will be affected by the Earth’s magnetic field as it sends out different frequencies in a wave like response.

The emotional body and the pericardium are light-wave sensitive and are directly plugged into our “sensory system” located in the solar plexus, heart and nervous system.

It will be a demonstration of what could be considered a “cosmic musical scale” and it runs from the top of the spine to the last vertebrae of our body.

We could experience a blue- light-wave- frequency moving though our spine that produces “sound waves turned into light-waves! This magnetic action will light up the Helix of the Human DNA.

The frontal lobes of the brain could experience a small headache with a reaction in our eyes... The eyes could ache or feel scratchy for a short period of time. Your equilibrium may also feel out of balance at different times of the day until your “Pineal and Pituitary Glands find balance.

Dreams will become very important to pay attention to. Through dreams, you will receive answers while others will experience OBE/ out of body experiences.

One of the body’s perfect gifts and not used in many life times is the additional function of the pericardium. This internal sensory system and master organ when activated is like sleeping beauty waking up to the on going changes to the physical body and the outer world. The pericardium is awakening to its true electrical-magnetic function.

The pericardium is the “Torus Tube” and it is the matrix of our spirit’s identity charged with Divine intelligence.

Now imagine a ‘Donut’ in the colors of the rainbow. Much like a mini-space ship, see the lay lines visible and moving in all directions within the Torus Tube.

This sacred image of the Torus Tube is that which protects and surrounds our life force. This is an important visual image because--- it is an additional sacred code to how in the future we will learn to manipulate our own DNA.

We can learn to trust our own heart and take that quantum leap forward. This in-coding will be activated starting June 2010.

The light-wave pulse coming to Earth through the solar flares activates in the Earth’s core. Earth’s magnetic fields then pulse electro-magnetic-light- waves through our heart charka and once experienced, these connections of light-waves are felt physically.

There could be experiences of feeling over emotional and being over-reactive to stimuli from our surroundings. There are many things that could make us feel reactive. It will be important to stay grounded.

The Earth receives light-waves from the Sun and in turn, the Earth will send more and more frequencies of higher and higher fields of light, we will be reacting to this cosmic occurrence all through the summer of 2010.

The heart chakra and its pericardium are the most power connection to the grids and vortexes around the Earth.

All is happening through a cosmic reaction to the prism affects of the Central Sun located at the center of our planetary system.

Here are a few additional things for you to know about your body.

The Pineal Gland holds “calcium crystals” and reacts in the perception of light waves. This produces a molecular structure called “Melanin” which can actually translate one form of energy into another like sound waves into light waves.

In humans, it is found that melanin is in the pineal gland, skin, heart and the genitals.

It is an organ of thought, by means of which we learn to ‘know’ and thus to change eternal ideas into earthy conceptions. The pineal gland points to the land of the spirit and an interface between consciousness and reality.

The Pituitary Gland lies in the brain behind the eyes and is the leader of the ‘endocrine orchestra.’ It is the connection between spirit and Earth, a slowing of the abstract energy so that physical manifestation may occur. Between the energetic of the pineal and the pituitary, we have the 3rd eye chakra.

The Thymus Gland located near the heart functions to transform new immune cells into what is called “T-cells.” As the thymus is closely linked to the energy of the heart, its full functioning indicates the importance of love and is connected to the “heart chakra.”

All of these glands will be affected from the changes in Earth’s electromagnetic fields and it is very important to be paying close attention to your body. You may need extra rest and a meditation practice that will help you ground your energies from where ever you might be--- at any given time of the day.

There is no doubt that we are at that cosmic alignment and intersection where the human condition will have an energetic and bio-chemical shift.

Here are a few helpful protection tools:

1. Visualize “pink light” circling your heart

2. Seek laughter, joy and relationship with nature for extra grounding energies.

By Badeish Lange