Monday, January 18, 2010


Time has come for all of us to ask ourselves questions such as, “Does change plunge me into confusion?” Life can take a sudden turn and we are thrown off-balance, lost, bewildered, and hurting. We could believe nothing seems to be happening and we feel stuck.

Whether through challenging experiences or simply a nagging sense of stagnation, our Spirit always presents opportunities to evolve spiritually.

The key is to learn to control our thought processes and bring them into line with reality. Our Spirit is calling for a positive understanding of truth and a willingness to receive soul guidance.

Spiritual direction sometimes calls for a spiritual companion or soul friendship with a mutual relationship of trust, sharing and listening. One person serves as a spiritual director (listener) and the others role is to participate in the process. The feedback from our spiritual companion gives feedback on what they have heard us share and act as a mirror or witness to the feelings shared.

Though the process of honest and open communication, of sharing and listening, old ways of thinking that no longer serve us can be discovered and released.

Please consider journaling answers to these questions while utilizing the contribution of a spiritual companion. Asking the right questions has the power to change your life.

· Do you let yourself be consumed by obligations and resigned to drudgery?

· What and how much do you believe you deserve from life?

· What is your level of self-worth? How much do you truly appreciate who you are?

· What about “should not, can’t, or fears?” This forbidden negative territory limits your dreams and aspirations! It is important that they are identified, processed, and eliminated from your thoughts and belief system.

· Do you delay gratification for later in life?

· Does your life feel like all work and no play?

· How often do you dare to ask for what you want?

· How much of your time is spent on what you need to do, vs. what you want to do?

· What are you pretending not to know?

· When is the last time you had a really good belly laugh?

· Are you self-validating? When is the last time you experienced it?

· When is the last time you said yes when you really wanted to say NO---- or the other way around?

· How does your age affect your decisions?

· What hearts desires have been put on a shelf? What excuses do you tell yourself for not taking any action?

· Do you eat to live or live to eat? What is the difference between the two?

· What are your new goals for 2010?