Monday, November 09, 2009

Decisions Made on Assumptions

Don Miguel, who wrote the book, The Four Agreements said, “The problem with making assumptions is that we believe they are the truth. We would swear they are real!” We make an assumption, we misunderstand, we take it personally, and we end up creating a drama for nothing.”

We base personal and business decisions on assumptions all the time. Example: Wall Street and the entire banking environment are based on assumptions from tips and rumors. Example: We go about our daily business assuming government does not have to be watched.

Panic is currently spreading throughout the land because assumptions are being made about the state of our economy. We are being told the problem is a recession. Should we assume this is truth or should we gut sense otherwise? Should we gather our own information from varied sources by which to draw conclusions?

It may be time to examine the roots of assumptions more closely, so we can know when we are basing our choices on cultural consensus, a single source of information, or know to look for other possibilities. Our intuition or gut sense, may be saying otherwise. We would be wise to listen to the deeper thoughts and feelings and create an opening for higher understanding.

It is time to examine the roots of assumptions more closely, so we may better understand our power to make a difference personally and contribute positively to the cultural consciousness. All assumptions are based on past experiences in combination with current information input. We take meaning from people’s personalities, clothes, words, jobs, ethnicities, and gender. These meanings are based on prior assessments, assumptions you’ve been making since birth.

According to your past experiences, do you tend to trust people in authority?

In the 60’s there were incredible experiment testing shock treatments and people in authority created great harm and suffering. (See the Milgram experiments, 1961)

Another dramatic example of assumptions gone badly is War. Wars can start based mostly on assumptions. People have been marched off to war not knowing the truth as to what was the political agenda behind the conflict. Hindsight shows that the population was kept in the dark and manipulations were put into action through very clever means.

Assumptions are reactive and unconscious. We often do not know when we make them or from where they originally came. If we are unaware we are making an assumption then we don’t question it. Assumptions, therefore, do not have to make sense in order for us to believe they are true because they are subconscious and automatic.

Have we subconsciously agreed that it is not safe to ask questions? I believe this is so. Most of the time we assume, without thinking of the power that we are handing over to others and how it will affect our own lives and careers.

Assumptions underlie beliefs and ideas, and these feed our assumptions. This is a closed circle until you re-examine underlying assumptive beliefs!
We assume others think the way we think, feel the way we feel, judge the way we judge. This is the biggest assumption we make.

It may be the reason we fear being ourselves around others. We think others will judge us, victimize, ridicule us, blame us---this is how the mind worked in the past but now there is a method to shift those perceptions.

Take a notebook; write out your assumptions with openness and honesty. You may shiver over some of the things you’ve assumed to be a truth and which turn out to not be true at all. Clearing your mind of this clutter of “non-realities” permits you to live intentionally, participating fully, without fear of being yourself.

A conscious life is a life of freedom and amazing creativity; the more questions we ask while listening to others, the better off we’ll be.

Can the world of fairytales and ideals still exist in the “real world” where money and jobs and bush fires, the economy, love, fear feelings, and dreams exist, too?

Can the law of attraction, trusting in the unknown and manifesting all you need truly exist outside the pages of self-help books, workshops and vision boards? Can these things become a part of our daily life?

A lot of people are asking these questions now! And now seems to be the best time to take advantage of regaining the control lost by living under old assumptions.

We are in such an intense time with two extremes of realities overlapping. On the one hand the weather has gone completely crazy. To those observing with only their 3D eyes it would seem that the world is on the brink of something very unpleasant.

On the other hand, we have never before (in our lifetime) been exposed to so much information that insists we are the creators of our reality. We have been given the choice, the power, to decide our future direction on personal levels and the world. Total empowerment is butting heads with total helplessness. Isn’t this an interesting cross-road observation!

To those observing with multi-dimensional eyes, it would seem that the world is on the brink of “transformation. We are experiencing a death and birth all at the same time and these “energy signature’s are playing out on our body.

The spiritual keys to this transformation have to lie in the merging of our two realities. We can no longer live in the old 3D world.

Our economic foundation turns out to have rotting floorboards. Mother Earth is sick and tired of our abuse of her body. Unplugged from our “Source Energy,” we cannot continue in any healthy way.

Walk you talk. Believe in what you believe, not as theory, but as truths that you live by. The Higher Energies are present but we are the ones that have to let then in, and we are the ones that keep them out. To be more accurate, we are either facing “Source” or turning away from source.

Our assumptions, fears and worry feed “the blockage” to the “Source Energies.” It would be like cutting yourself off from desire, and it’s hard to breathe. Yet, if you refuse the thoughts of lack and limitations, if you believe that YES there is enough in the higher energies for you and all of mankind, then straight away, you are turned toward source to receive the blessings.

Breathe in and let the allowance of self-awareness and self-love be your guide.

Take a moment to literally feel the physical sensation of restriction in your body leave. Re-orient your compass toward “Source” and your higher energies by visualizing the eternal limitlessness in front of you, knowing there is enough of all you need, and you have the power to let it in.