Monday, November 09, 2009

Emotions Are Your Guides

Learning to trust your feelings is called, “Clairsentience.”

Clairsentience is the reception of Divine guidance through physical feelings and emotions.

Listed below are steps to assist trusting in your Clairsentience:

• Review past occasions in which you were glad you followed your intuition.

• What were occasions when you were sorry you didn’t?

• You can mentally “try on” a situation so as to feel what it would be like to follow your intuition and to know if you would enjoy the outcome.

• Where in your body do you feel discordant energies?

• Give possibility that you body organs can converse with you!

• What would each organ want to communicate? Record this exchange in a journal.

• Mentally ask God and the angels to help you release any blocks that keep you from faith and clear your feelings.

• Surrender all fearful thoughts and energies to the Divine spiritual realm.

• Heaven wants to help you clear away the effects of fears from the lower-self, and it calls upon love to come close around you.

The process of listening to “feelings” helps us to own our feelings and heal them ourselves instead of projecting them onto other people.

You can use the vocabulary below to decipher the intuitive guidance that comes to you.

Whenever you feel a strong emotional or physical feeling, remember that it is a message to you. Your task is to open the door and listen to the feelings.

How are you feeling right now? Circle all that apply:

Adorable, Comfortable Giggly, Overwhelmed,Afraid, Concerned, Grief-stricken, Passionate, Amorous, Confident, Guarded, Peaceful,Amused, Criticized, Happy, Pleased, Angelic, Crushed, Hesitant, Polite, Angry, Quiet, Annoyed, Daring, Ready, Anxious, Delighted, Interested, Relaxed, Apathetic, Demoralized, Irritable, Respectful, Appreciative, Disappointed, Jealous, Restless Apprehensive Eager, Joyful Romantic Attractive, Ecstatic, Kind Sensible Beautiful Edgy, Lighthearted, Sentimental, Betrayed, Loving, Serene, Blaming, Emotional, Loyal, Serious Blessed Embarrassed, Moody, Entertained, Shocked, Bold Mysterious, Bored, Excited, Odd, Stressed, Calm, Explosive, Opinionated, Carefree, Fearful, Optimistic, Tense, Fearless, Ugly, Offended, Upset, Open, Cheerful

One way to do this is by asking the feeling, “What are you trying to tell me?”

My happiness depends on me.
A Course in Miracles