Sunday, April 30, 2006


Holographic Images are archetypes in symbolic forms, serving as antennae that resonate with higher frequencies of life force.

Holographic symbolism used energetically is utilized for healing, growth and spiritual communication. The psychic center of the human brain has a natural capacity to receive intuitive information and open up the Ascension Patterns in the human DNA.

Quantum Physics shows us that the entire physical universe, from solid matter to light, sound and electro-magnetic, is composed of vibrational wave patterns. Everything is vibrating, including our own bodies and everything emits a particular sound frequency and vibrational resonance. Each human being has their own vibrational signature. This energy signature is called an “auric field” and holds the past, present and possible future experiences resonating in the human Aura.

Holographic images contain geometric forms and pictures that are energy templates. These templates represent the divine link between higher dimensional energies, spirit and of matter on the Earth plane.

Fortunately, much of our current scientific knowledge has revealed that the laws of the physical universe must possess a spirit consciousness. Thus consciousness is programmed in the DNA and scientists like Richard Hawkins and Gregg Braden have brought this knowledge to the Human Potential Movement.

Our knowledge of the electro-magnetic fields, the aura, psychic centers, the chakra system and psychic phenomena are finally being brought into the light of scientific understanding and understanding through research.

The United States government has been actively doing psychic research since the late 1940’s and today has a special department called the NSA. (National Security Administration)

The Mayo Clinic has been doing research on the Power of Prayer, Color and Sound therapy for years.

I hope this information will focus your attention on a new reality.

There have been times in previous societies, such as ancient Egypt, when science and spirit have worked directly together in the search for understanding the mysteries of creation and existence. Egyptians called this “Intelligence of the Heart.”

As a culture, our focus is shifting from the demands of the physical world to an existence that seeks to more fully experience a spiritual consciousness.

Understanding holographic images serves as a useful bridge between inter-dimensional space and the human energy system.

It is my intention to share the healing art of holographic imaging. I want to assist others in becoming accustomed to various tools and applications of higher-dimensional energies that resonate life force.

Holographic images will enhance anyone’s intuitive abilities and help them to interface with vibrational and psychic communication.

In meditation, natural healing practices or other creative process, you will feel a “Resonating Life Force Energy” that creates the opportunity to feel frequencies of other dimensions, and to make these frequencies available for expressions of truth and knowledge.


(Holographic Visualization)

10 minutes Exercise

Holographic Symbols:

Halo/Tubular Shaped Light
Pineal Glands/Image of an Ice Cream Cone

Halo/Light/Blue…Laser Light

Please read this exercise through a few time before activating the experience.

Please clear your mind and relax your body.

Prepare yourself as if you are starting a meditation. Breathe out of your nose only and continue to relax.

  • Visualize a silver/light-blue, tubular shaped halo located six feet above your head.
  • With a deep relaxed breath, image/visualize the Halo; see it slowly dropping down and over your head.
  • The halo will continue to drop down until it sits just above your eyebrows.
  • With your mind’s eye, pretend you can move the halo in a clockwise motion.
  • The halo will start to move faster and faster until it moves so fast that the halo will look stationary.
  • The halo’s color vibration gets brighter and brighter until it turns bright white in color.
  • Allow the energy vibrating off the halo flow into the organ of your eyes.
  • Watching this light flow energy, imagine the energy flowing in a soft-laser light beam to your Pinal Gland.

(The pineal gland is located in the center of the brain, above the ears, and is referred to as the Third Eye)

  • The Holographic symbol for the pineal is an ice cream cone.
  • Allow the light to enter this ice cream cone and allow yourself to feel the new sensations.
  • Continue to feel all the wonderful sensations.

(Stop if your head or brow feels a throbbing or tightness. If this happens, it means you need to stop feeding the pineal gland.)

  • When you’re ready to leave the hologram, breathe through your mouth and open your eyes. Relax. Ground yourself by drinking a glass of water.

Application: To assist the intuitive process, strengthen the organ of the eyes, open up cellular/energetic communication with the DNA and brain chemistry, thus activating new segments of the intelligence.

Call me if you want to know about a natural product called Etherium Gold. This product will assist the intuitive awakening and is considered an energy medicine supplement.

I have copies of the rather impressive research to share with you. Personally, I have experienced a subtle harmonizing of my energy fields, enhanced ability to attract higher information, and an ability to go deeper in prayer and meditations. It is also known to improve learning abilities in adults and children.

Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D. author Vibrational Medicine: “Etherium Gold is well suited to individuals beginning to open to higher consciousness, self-healing and a path of spiritual transformation.”

Thanks for “listening.”

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life.

Badeish Lange (503) 591-7219


Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Shamanistic Communications With Spirit

We just went through a Solar and Lunar Eclipse cycle that has introduced a higher frequency on the cells of our bodies and a pressure on the emotional body to respond. What I’ve noticed lately is people having hugh challenges and life changes. Whatever we might try to suppress, will have a thought and feeling attached to our emotional bodies. The “past” will be entertained as an expression of thought seen in re-“Holographic” viewed pictures. This is how the Astrological Eclipse’s affect our lives.

The doorway to review the past is a spiritual invitation by the cosmos. This spiritual review is an opportunity to claim what we’ve learned from the past while discovering a new truth. The past is dead except for the energies attached to our memories and emotions. To heal DNA’s memory changes the vibrations on the emotional body first, and then the physical cells.

Last week, I watched the hail fall from the sky while the sunshine pierced its frozen form. At first it was like a moving picture of all the elements gathering in celebration. Then I found myself viewing it from another dimension. I became the camera shooting frames of film while the storm held my attention. This is called a “Shamanistic Communication” with spirit. I promise you the next time I have an experience like this, I’ll have a camera and send you the pictures!

Thinking outside the box, we could view it as nature talking. When all four elements (Water, Wind, Earth and Fire) appear and release energy such as hail, one can experience the beauty of the Cosmos inter-dimensional expression and have it dancing in your own back yard.

Each snowflake is an original design and an atomic component of water crystals. The hail holds a unique vibration and there is no duplication! Each drop of water that falls on a rainy day holds a geometric design. All forms of water, frozen or liquid are alive with energy.

When placing the water droplets under, what I call, a “Mind-Microscope”, we can discover not only, unique designs but also symbols reflecting a coded energy to the brain. Our minds read symbolic languages through our intuition. Although the code is”wordless”, the water drops are coded to communicate messages through the feeling experience of energy symbols.

I did receive a message while watching the hail burst through the sunlight! This is what the Cosmo’s said: “Intelligent energies exist in the elements. You must develop your focus to experience us. We are the spirits of the four directions and the four sacred elements of Earth. We exist with life force in the heaven and bring the energy and light codes to earth. We are a consciousness of Angels healing the ground you walk upon. Portland has had an energetic shift in its alignment with the Pacific Rim. Mount St. Helen drew this energy within her very heart and transformed the vibration to radiate a code back to source. The earth has received an empowering life force energy!”

Since Portland’s Astrological lay line is in the house of Cancer, some people will experience the deepest introspection they have ever had in years. The energetic shift is taking place here in Portland, Oregon and some of you will want to understand, the 360 degrees of your life right now. Some people are accepting their personal life change’s while feeling more alive then ever before. Other people are struggling with depression, abundance issues and feelings of isolation and loneliness. If it is your desire too know more concerning your life’s direction, I would be happy to assist you through a personal session.


Thanks for listening,

Badeish Lange