Sunday, January 09, 2011

Habitual Resistance (2 Minutes)

It is often unconscious for one’s “habitual resistance” to become an emotional polarization. Action follows thought in an automatic way…if the thoughts are polarized, no positive action is possible.

The critic/shadow voice within the subconscious doesn’t just speak in the negative; it also refers to things out of the light of our conscious awareness. To change actions, it is necessary to change thoughts.

The challenge is to listen to that still voice, to give reality and meaning to what is working within, to become more aware of the denied parts of any un-lived, un-realized parts of life.

Example… a situation with Confrontations: “My husband/wife irritates me so much that I don’t want to say anything at all and I’m so uncomfortable in any confrontation.”

To understand this backlash of underlying fear, listen closely to what you are thinking and feeling. Be willing to shift out of the survival brain and into pure third-party observation posture.

What if the example above relates to the on going emotional problem with authority figures, loss of self-esteem and self-trust? What if the other person is really the “parent figure” in the relationship and the youngest part of you is feeling powerless, still reacting the same way?

Possible response and questions to ask yourself:

1. How far back are the feelings of avoiding confrontations?
2. Who was in the confrontation; what meaning did it have then?
3. How would a logical third party best handle past confrontations?

Viewing any situation from this higher perspective will permit you to control your thoughts by logically assessing what is happening, avoiding a reflexive emotional response. This is freedom

Thoughts and feelings are a dual activity in the biological and emotional body. These cause “automatic, energetic responses” that will remain the same until changed. Change is brought about by utilizing the senses to detect the “shadow-self” that is constantly shifting and changing portions of the mind… the “ego consciousness”.

There must be delineation between the conscious sense of self-awareness and the unconscious sense of Self. They will merge from time to time to permit assessments of feelings and the Self must know that it operates on dual levels…separate but in concert.

Our present culture tends to live life less examined, more reactive. This lifestyle inhibits our power over deeply trapped life experiences, concealing them deep within the psyche. This makes it ever more important to personally examine and know the dual levels of your own mind. You must act or respond because you will determine your best course of action. This is freedom and power.

If unconscious, unobserved traits remain hidden, then negativity, blame, judgments, and self-rejection can unify as destructive potentials that polarize the body and mind.

Have you ever had someone say to you that they can’t feel anything? What might be happening to them?

The condition of depression left unobserved can reach beyond the physical and emotional body…it weakens the auric field and attacks the very spirit. The physical body follows along.

Medicating this condition provides some relief but not healing. The bio-chemical/electrical pulses of the unhappiness are active, still sending signals. The trapped emotions are unresolved, pushed further down into the psyche, and reside there reinforced by the potent self-critic.

Today, we all are being challenged to find a new reality within the spirit and we need tools to access all the levels of self.

Obtaining new “Life Skills” makes it possible to unify awareness and permits observation, thus control of the shadow’s inhibiting destructive potentials.

I am dictated to teaching life skill tools that have a power to gently release trapped life energies, truths about what we can’t accept or don’t know about ourselves. Learning these skills bring you the power of personal spiritual awareness.

You will learn the feelings of truth that are within your own Soul. You can have a self-conversation while holding self-supportive and self-validating attitudes intended to depolarize the shadow’s often overwhelming ego.

Here are some steps to change how you feel and change your thinking into positive self-talk:

• I can handle this.
• Something good will come of this, even if it’s not now evident to me.
• I am taking my power back.
• Self-validation is within me… not outside me.
• I trust myself.
• How will this make me strong?
• I can choose to remain calm and patient.
• I choose kindness (this is what love would do).
• How can I add value here?
• What am I learning?
• This upset is not worth its “emotional toxins”!

Sample conversation with “higher-self”: “We might not like what just happened but we’re good at coming up with solutions. We’re going to work this out.”

Divine detachment is a state of self-awareness where you clear all negative emotions and become a peaceful pond of no negative thoughts. You simply refuse to entertain them! You might ask, “God, what do you want me to know right now?”

You might decide to embrace change and the unknown future because you are giving up control over things you know that are out of your hands to control. It is here that you come to realize the only thing you can control is your self.


1. Do you control the weather?
2. Do you control what you eat?
3. Do you have control over your own happiness?
4. Do you control your day?
5. Do you control what others think or do?

Do not let the sorrows of the world become your “pain body”. Experience living fully and live more richly in the present moment you have.

Every age of Man has its times of great upheaval, where unconscious insecurities of the collective are revealed… we are in the midst of one of them. You are being asked to reach to a higher level of conscious knowing and spiritual direction in order to adequately handle these changes.

Cleaning out our inner-world, allows us to reflect more of our own Spirit to the surrounding world, providing clarity and understanding outward.

Journaling is a powerful way to make contact with your “emotional body”; a way to ask any number of universal questions and a process to see things you’ve concealed from the past. Your “inner-guidance” is waiting to give you a gift!

© 2011 by Badeish Lange