Friday, June 16, 2006

The Angelic Human & Divine Feminine Principle

The Angelic Human is in a “Spiritual Birthing Process” actively creating a “New Woman” and a “New Man” of the future. There will come a time when literally millions of people around the world will link their life force vibrations through the power of prayer. We will realize a spiritual unity and integrate a “Light Matrix Hologram” active in our human DNA.

In a state called “Being” our consciousness will experience realms of communication with Mother Nature; transcendental experiences will seem common and holographic images will be accepted as a wordless language.

As our fears are released energetically from the Seven Chakra System, a new sense of awareness develops in the Psychic Center of the human brain. The Pineal Gland found in the middle of our brain, will expand its size through vibrational forces to accommodate the new fields of life force energies. The newly activated consciousness will seek the Oneness with the God Force. Our human senses will bridge the gap between our 3rd dimensional consciousness and that of a “multi-dimensional” reality.

Did you know that the sacred geometrical template for our human DNA is a pentagram? This symbol is an ancient code and has been understood by secret societies for thousands of years. The pentagram of the Five Pointed Star alignment is important since its vibration…. activates an “Astrological Stargate.”

The Divine Feminine Principle is crystallized psychologically and this pentagram pattern involves the Moon, which represents the feminine or intuitive energies of memory circuits and programs in our DNA. Now is the time to connect with the deep wisdom of your intuitive-self. At the heart of forgiveness and compassion lies a wonderful gift from Spirit. We will see a rise of feminine energy and wisdom on our planet. This activation will take many forms. These are some of the experiences you may have as you undergo these activations:

  1. Physical Symptoms will include increased tiredness and the need to sleep more.
  2. Feeling slow and unable to keep up.
  3. Experiencing strange “electrical” phenomena in the home.
  4. Increased psychic awareness.
  5. Increased sense of “electrical currents” or energy vibrations in the body.
  6. A flu-like episode that detoxifies the body (focused on the heart and Throat Chakra).
  7. The emotional introspection will be cleansing deep and may include release of Past Life traumas, fears and angers.

At present, we are energetically linking into the Crystal Energy Grids of Earth. It can be uncomfortable for the lower physical body because of the blockages on the first, second, and third Chakras. We are learning a new way to ground ourselves. You may also experience a sensitive Crown Chakra and pain at the top of your spinal column underneath the skull. This is an energy releasing Karma and will help you remember Past Lives.

Eventually this will settle down and the body will integrate the new energy system. We are releasing old patterns and memories of how the physical body should function and allowing the changes to occur in order for us to hold a higher vibrational field through the Chakra System. Our “Light Body” is having a birth. The Chakra System will start reflecting all the colors instead of just one color for each Charka.

Since the Harmonic Concordance of November, 2003, the feminine energy has been pouring into the earth’s magnetic grid and the masculine energy has been under pressure to integrate with the feminine energies. There will not be another total Lunar Eclipse until March 3, 2007! There is a partial Lunar Eclipse on September 7, 2006.

You were sensing…now you know you Know

You were listening…now you know you Hear

You were watching…now you know you See

You were becoming…now you know you Are.

Thanks for Listening,

Badeish Lange


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