Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Spiritual Quest

Many of us are learning new ways to show up for ourselves and to make our lives more authentic. To do this we need to know how to stop the energy-stealing consequences of fear. Fear is a poison to the body, mind and spirit. It is also the absence of love!

Fear is the thief of joy, and its loud, overpowering presence drowns out the sweet small voices of the angels.

You must allow yourself to put aside this “thief” and begin to listen for your true powerful inner-voice; the heavenly direction that waits for you to exercise trust in order to hear its spiritual signatures, signs, confirmations and telepathic guidance.

What would our “Soul/Higher-self say if we started to really listen to its Divine intelligence? Envision yourself being assisted by those guides and angels. This seemingly effortless approach permits the life force in “blue” energies to flow around you. It is a gift that you give yourself!

I believe the answers come when we let go of control and old belief systems, while honoring our own precious Soul’s feelings. In spiritual teaching this would be called a “Spiritual Platform/Quest.

Learning to utilize the listening and the communications coming from the Soul’s urgings opens the door to a “knowing” and presents choices of our taking action.

The spiritual quest involves listening; communications that come from the Soul’s nine sensory system. This amazing “sensory system” is located in your stomach/gut and is the third chakra of the body. If you trust your own instincts and its intuitive response, you will experience an accelerated rate of sensory development.

The more you educate yourself to things that are calling you to examine, the more you will feel the guidance of the heavenly helpers.

Example: Last Sunday, June 6th, I did a radio show based out of Washington DC. The opportunity came with little effort on my part and I followed a focused intention and an intuitive guidance.

A few minutes before the show was live, I said a prayer and suddenly felt a rush of energy move through my total body, head to toe, to the point of feeling nauseas. I started to feel a great deal of responsible as to what I would be talking about and it started to control my thoughts.

Suddenly there was a voice telepathically saying, “Badeish, you don’t have to worry, everything will be wonderful. Please place a piece of “blue paper” in front of your eyes and this will calm your nervous system.”

When I placed the blue paper in front of my eyes, the nausea when away! Next, I heard the most important part of the instructions. “You are here to share knowledge and don’t let it be all about you!” “Take this opportunity to speak from your heart and what is needed to go out on the airwaves will be provided for you.”

Well, it all turned out seamless and I was on a “high” for the rest of the day. Reading four people without anything to guide me except their voice vibrations is a demonstration of “letting go and letting God.”

Sometimes we have to live in the moment to intentionally follow what is happening on the higher realms of our own consciousness.

When expanding the introspection toward your spiritual identity, please arm yourself with positive self-reinforcement and watch how it produces a deeper decision to step into your personal power with confidence.

The decision to step into your personal power is a choice to be in control of one’s own journey, to create a personal road map that opts out of the past and lives more in the present. The future is created from living in the NOW. The past is made up of illusions, non-realities and misconceptions and the time has come to set yourself free from whatever has kept you in a stare of “emotional bondage.”

Powerful “I am” Affirmations:

Let’s step these affirmations up energetically! Envision that the youngest part of you is saying them! Pay close attention to what happens after each affirmation.

Do you have physical feelings and emotions being felt on the body? Do you start to see in your “minds-eye” your precious inner-child? What happens to your energy levels on the body? Do you feel heat or a sense of coolness? Pay attention to everything that you experience and record and date it in a journal.

Your intention is to make contact with spiritual forces beyond your control and trust the angels have gathered to witness this sincere objective of claiming your power and taking it to your heart chakra.

Example: The inner-child says, “I am a miracle and I am amazing!”

· I am a reflection of a powerful mother/father God Force that is held within the universe and these energetic vibrations exist within my DNA.

· I am a visionary and Mother Earth Vanguard” here to join with others through my natural vibrational forces.

· I am in the quest of releasing all “karmic” contracts.

· I am freeing myself from distractions of my fears and the energetic “cosmic/physical” container of those fears.

· I am releasing all shame and regrets to the Holy spirit that watches over my life.

· I am here to awaken my connections with all angelic mentors whose job it is to lighten my path towards an opening of my “Divine Intelligence!”

· I am accepting all of God’s blessings with deep gratitude and know that I’m being assisted in every way with the new frequency adjustments now moving into my DNA.

· I am learning to show up more authentically in everything I say and do.

Please feel free to email me as to your experiences with these empowering affirmations. I don’t always know how you feel unless you share with me. It is because of you that I am guided to write and send the “Spiritual Digest.”